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About CB Event Planner

      As a planner, I know each wedding is very different and unique to the couple and will provide the services necessary. I strive for you to have the best experience and resources, finding the ideal vendors fit for your wedding and budget. This allows you to focus on the most essential aspects of your special day, taking the extra stress off your back and saving you time and money. I also inform you of different wedding etiquettes, trends, and how to go about your decision making. My strategy is for you to only spend on what you need and keep you on track so you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest.  

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I work with an incredible team of vendors who are responsible professionals willing to go above and beyond for each event. Teamwork and support is very important for any production to function properly and smoothly. Following proper guidelines for each location and providing the best services for you. We are available to you every step of the way and have monthly meetings to ensure the best communication. The bond I create with my clients and fellow vendors is crucial for my business. Together, we create the best day, and your happiness is why we do what we do. Feel free to send me an email to book a free consultation!




"Working with CB Event Planner was absolutely amazing! She's the sweetest thing and sooo accommodating and quick to think on the spot. If you need someone who's kind and understanding and will work hard, call her! She's absolutely phenomenal and so professional!"

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