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Bridesmaids on Duty

You're marrying your soulmate, you're planning the best day of your lives, and now you get to choose some of your favorite people to stand by your side! Having a good wedding party is important, and most people don't know about the roles of a bridesmaid or groomsman. There are many tasks and different positions each member can be responsible for during or before the wedding. This is why you should choose them wisely to be a part of this special day.

Being a bridesmaid means you were chosen by the bride to be a part of her wedding. Whether you're a family member or a close friend, or you're just really important to her. As part of the wedding party, you should coordinate with the other members and organize a bridal shower or luncheon. You can also come together to purchase a joint gift for the bride and groom, or help with their honeymoon expenses. Now, if you were asked to be the Maid or Matron on Honor, being the sister or best friend, then you get to take on some more important jobs. You get to help with the planning and also make it less stressful for the bride. You will be helping her get dressed and packed for her honeymoon. You're in charge of her bouquet, her phone, and adjusting her dress and veil during the big day. The bachelorette party also falls under your care, with assistance from the wedding coordinator of course.


When asking your friends to be your bridesmaids, do something special for them, like a nice card or a small gift. You can get them something personalized or matching with the rest of your party. Make it fun for you and your girls during the planning process. Keep them updated with everything that is going on, and take them with you when you go to see the venue or try on dresses. Allow them to have some input in their wedding attire too, you want everybody to feel comfortable and happy with what they are wearing. Your maid of honor and bridesmaids are there to help you, give you advice, run errands, and party all night with you!

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