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Groomsmen at Work

Its easy for the groom to choose his closest mates to be his groomsmen, but there is more to it than just showing up in a tux. They are given the special honor of assisting the couple throughout the planning process and adding positive energy to each wedding event. Just like the bridesmaids, there is a list of tasks that they must complete to ace the role of a groomsman. Having a responsible and cooperative wedding party will help relieve stress and calm nerves, so that everyone is relaxed and functional on the day of the big event.

Being a groomsman is a serious undertaking. You're there to make sure the groom shows up and doesn't forget anything on the wedding day, such as the rings, the marriage licence, or maybe his shoes. The guys will also play ushers for the ceremony, which involves escorting guests, distributing programs, and giving out directions, if needed, to the next location. You can also come together to purchase a joint gift for the bride and groom, or help with their honeymoon expenses. Now, if you were asked to be the Best Man, being the brother or best friend, then you get to take on some more important jobs. You get to help pick out the groomsmen attire and get ready with the groom. You also drive the getaway car with the couple and make sure everyone has a ride to the venues. At the reception, the best man usually says the first toast, starts the dancing, transports the gifts, and sends off the couple. The bachelor party also falls under your care, with assistance from the wedding coordinator of course.


As your friends, the guys will do anything for you, so make it special when you ask them to be your groomsmen so they take on the role with enthusiasm. Keep them involved and make it fun during the planning process so they don't get bored or forget they are part of your wedding. Having them by your side will make your event much more enjoyable. Your best man and groomsmen are there to help you, run errands, party it up and look good!

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