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Personal Wedding Details

When planning your wedding there are certain details that personalize your event. After setting a budget and picking a wedding date, you have to think about what kind of wedding you want. Is it going to be a outdoors? What are you going to wear? Who do you want by your side? What are you going to eat? There are many important questions to be asked, and many that your coordinator will help you with, but there are still things that are fully up to you.

Things you can start on:

  • Decide on your wedding colors and style

  • Choose your wedding party

  • Compile a master guest list

  • Pick out wedding attire

  • Set a honeymoon budget and make travel plans


Knowing what colors and style you want help considerably while making the bigger decisions. Keep in mind your desired wedding date, location and type of weather. Different colors and styles are available during different seasons. When choosing your wedding party, be wise about it. Make sure they truly care about you and are willing to fully take on the role as a bridesmaid or groomsman. For the guest list, the best way to do it is for each of you to make one of people you want to invite, then combine them to the amount desirable. As for the attire, make sure its comfortable, you're going to be moving around a lot. Now for the fun part, honeymoon planning! Don't put it off until the end! For more ideas and tips feel free to contact me for a consultation :)

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