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Planning during COVID19

Not sure what to do with your wedding right now? These are hard times and everything is uncertain, but no matter the situation, it is important to remain calm. There are many people in your situation and every event professional will understand and be willing to help out. If your date is between now and May, or a destination wedding, it is officially recommended that you cancel, but you do have options!

Weddings in the next two months:

  • You can postpone the wedding until things settle down.

  • You can have an intimate ceremony and just postpone the reception.

  • Follow CDC guidelines and make smart decisions.

Weddings after May:

  • There is no need to cancel or postpone, unless you have other reasons.

  • Be properly informed before making drastic decisions.

  • Speak with your team of vendors and make sure you are all on the same page and have a plan if anything changes.

International weddings or honeymoons:

  • You can postpone or move the location.

  • Avoid affected areas.

  • Consider travel limitations.

  • Be informed of cancellation policies or insurances.

Tips for postponing!

Let your vendors and guests know as soon as you decide to change your wedding date. You can call your immediate family and send out an announcement to everyone else. Keep your guests informed, and consider any people at risk. Stay positive, everything will work out, and remember the end goal! Everyone was impacted, so be patient and flexible, but your feelings are just as important and we understand what you're going through. Celebrate your original date either way, do something memorable and relaxing with your significant other. Lastly, keep healthy and active! For more ideas and tips feel free to contact me for a consultation :)

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