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Tips from Real Brides

Here are some wise words for future brides! Its always nice to hear from someone who has gone through the same experience, you can always take something from it and apply it to your own situation. Some of these ladies are 2020 brides, some are pre-pandemic brides, some are DIY brides, some planned their own and others hired a coordinator. It was amazing to hear from everyone and I hope this is helpful to you bride-to-bes in some way. Happy reading!

"Have a good breakfast because if you skip eating you wont have a chance to because it will get crazy busy." - Kittum C, (Colorado)

"Dont stress out. As much as you want everything to go perfect things will happen, but you just have to go with it. Dont get upset because it will only ruin your magical day. Make the best out of anything that happens." - Monique P. (Santa Clarita)

Plan so that you dont have to worry about anything the day of your wedding. Its only one day out of the rest of your life so dont worry about everything being perfect! Sometimes the mess ups make for great memories. Remember to take pictures with everyone! - Samantha C. (Glendale)

"Id say just try to take every moment cause it goes by so fast. Remember that although wedding planning can be unpredictable and stressful at times, the only thing thats important is that you get to marry the love of your life and thats all you care about at the end of the day!" - Bridget E. (Colorado)

"Honestly, everyone should know not to stress because it WILL be okay!" - Katie F. (Mississippi)

"I would say my biggest tip is that weddings never go as plan 100% accept what comes on the craziness of wedding day and dont stress about all the little things. You only get that day once and remember to enjoy it." - Tori M. (Arizona)

"DO NOT forget to bring your lipstick for the photoshoot. Have multiples if you need to and give one to your maid of honor. Let people you trust help you. When someone tells you they can help, delegate something to them!!" - Victoria P. (Colorado)

"Its so important to enjoy the process and the day with your husband. Go with the flow and have fun!" - Alicia R. (Burbank)

"Never stop dating eachother! Your type of dates will change as you grow together but it is so important to take the time for eachother." - Melissa S. (Nebraska)

"I think one of the best things I did to make things easy for myself and my family who set up for me was: labeling boxes and writing simple instructions on where they go and how theyre supposed to be set up so that I wouldnt be bothered the morning of." - Bethany H. (Colorado)

"Id say dont stress too much because it will be the best day no matter what happens! Also write down everyone you need and want to get pictures with! - Hailey F. (Washington)

"I'm sure people hear this all the time but my tip would be not to stress about the details and ask for help with the small things so you can put your time and effort into the things that are really important to you." - Moira S. (Nebraska)

"Dont be afraid to ask help from friends! Go on your honeymoon right away or else you wont!" - Kora S. (Idaho)

"Having bridesmaids that understand the responsibilities of the wedding day and can help your day go off without a hitch!" - Monica D, (Colorado)

"My biggest piece of advice would be to have time with just you and your new husband together. Even if its just 10 minutes, soak in the day together." - Dominique W. (Washington)

"Youll never be able to make everyone happy, so instead stressing about that, make you, your husband, and your ideas for the wedding your top priority." - Charity F. (Colorado)

" Id say delegation is an important part to no stress! Find your go-to girl and tell her the things that are important to you and just say 'Hey it would mean a lot if I didnt have to worry about xyz'." - Sophia S. (Minnesota)

"At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you both say 'I do'" - Nicole B. (Colorado)

Thank you so much for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed these tips!

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