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You're Engaged! Congratulations!

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Engaged on Valentines Day and don't know where to start planning your wedding day? I'm here to help! After you say yes don't forget to tell your family and friends and celebrate. Then begin setting a date and time, this will make it easier to book vendors. Lastly, hire a wedding coordinator!


To be engaged means to be fully committed to something with your utmost attention. In this case the intentions are to be married. During the engagement period, which is also the planning process, the couples should not only try to connect with each other as much as possible but also make both big and small decisions as one. This is very important because this will determine whether you are actually ready to take the role of husband and wife. Planning a wedding is a lot of work and it includes making choices together, working with other family members and vendors, deciding on details, which will sometimes be stressful. Having both parties included minimizes any tension between the relationship and even helps strengthen your bond with one another.

A few things to start on...

Having trouble with your wedding date? Make sure you don't choose a date close to any birthdays or holidays, this will make it more special for both of you. Check the weather and your work and school schedules. Decide on your wedding budget, BUT don't start wasting it on any extra stuff you might not need. Also set a honeymoon budget and an after marriage "piggy bank", trust me. If you want more tips or need help planning feel free to contact me!

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